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Funding and Training Supports

Below is a list of supports available to businesses in South Dublin.  You will find information and links to supports from:


Local Enterprise Office South Dublin

The Local Enterprise Offices is your local first-stop shop for seeking information and support on starting or growing a business in Ireland. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an existing small business owner.

The Local Enterprise Office provides advice, information and support to you in starting up or growing your business and organises events and initiatives to support networking groups.

Please click here for more information on Financial Supports or click here for information on Networking Groups

They also provide training which aims to help young or growing companies improve their chances of survival and growth by offering regular comprehensive courses in Starting a Business, Financial management, Technology, Online Marketing, Social Media, Business Planning.

Grow Your Business with LEO South Dublin

Business growth can be achieved by focusing on making improvements in one or more areas of your business. The Local Enterprise Office South Dublin can help you with information & assistance in these areas.:

  • Priming & Expansion Grants

  • Technical Assistamce for Micro Exporters

  • Mentoring

  • Training

  • Management Development

  • Trading Online Voucher Scheme

More information can be found HERE



Upcoming training in October/November·      


  • Introduction to Public Procurement - 16th October

Public procurement can be a very lucrative route to market for businesses large and small and this programme provides a foundation vital to approaching tendering to both the public and private sector in their given industry.


  • NEWS & SCENe: Shaping Customer Experience & Networking - 23rd October

This workshop aims to enable participants to build brand loyalty and advocacy through understanding the customer journey. Participants will examine customer pain points and learn to improve customer experience in order to increase sales and customer engagement.


  • Facebook for Business - 2nd November

To provide the participants with the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to use Facebook effectively in their business for networking with existing and new customers and for customer acquisition. To understand how to achieve greater reach and engagement with their content and to be able to create impactful visual content.


  • Christmas Market: How To Sell Food & Crafts at Markets/Pop Ups - 2nd November

A very comprehensive workshop on the A to Z of connecting with and selling to customers in an indoor or outdoor market or at pop-up events. Designed for producers and makers (craft, food, etc.) who want to get out, meet customers, test products and sell!

  • Lean: Building a better Business - 2nd November

A free morning session looking at how the LEAN program can help improve your business

  • How To Sell Your Brand - 8th November

This course provides attendees with an understanding of their brand and the meaning of their brand. When empowered with this, you can then play to your strengths when marketing your business. You will learn some tools, hints and tips to help when branding and marketing your business.

  • Creating Great Social Media Content - 9th November

Learn the skills and tools needed to create great social media content and how to monitor it's performance on your socials.

  • Make Reels Like a Pro - 13th November

This training workshop is a comprehensive step by step demonstration how to effectively use Capcut to create high quality Reel’s and other video story content, during an intensive and interactive training programme. You will learn how each of the amazing built in video editing tools work.

  • Thinking About Starting Your Own Food Business  - 14th November

This fast-moving half day online workshop is targeted at anyone thinking about starting a food business, or at those within the first 24 months of doing so and will provide a roadmap of the possible journey ahead.

  • NEWS & SCENe: How Can AI Make it Easier to Run my Micro Enterprise   - 15th November

This workshop aims to help micro enterprise owners understand the emerging benefits of utilising free AI tools across their business.

  • Lean: Building a better Business - 16th November

A free morning session looking at how the LEAN program can help improve your business

  • Google Ads - 16th November

This course will outline the benefits of using Google Ads to promote your business. Google Ads can be a great way of increasing visibility of your website on search, but only if it is done correctly. 

  • Boosting Online Sales - 20th November

This course is designed to provide participants with the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to increase their online sales and leads.

  • Instagram for Business - 28th November

This course provides attendees with a clear view of how to use Instagram to successfully market their business. The course will emphasise how businesses can best use the range of free and paid features to reach new customers, and connect with their existing audiences, to ultimately grow their businesses.

  • Trading Online Voucher Scheme Seminar - 29th November

This workshop aims to show the potential Trading Online Voucher applicant, how the voucher can be used and how to complete the application.


Please click here for these and other Training programmes

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Digital Transition Fund

As part of Ireland’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan and funded by the European Union, the Digital Transition Fund will drive transformative digitalisation of enterprise in Ireland, particularly amongst SMEs. The fund will help companies at all stages of their digitalisation journey.


Objectives of the Fund

The key objective of the Digital Transition Fund is to drive a step change in the digital transition of Irish business as a key driver of sustainable productivity.

The widespread availability of advanced digital technologies to enterprises of all sizes is causing a wave of innovation in product design and customer services, leading to market disruptions in all sectors as the most innovative enterprises find new ways to create customer value through digital business models. This digital wave will cause many businesses to fall behind the digital innovators and the disruption may have serious impacts on existing business models and could threaten their future survival.

This Fund will be used to help companies at all stages of their digital journey – from going online to digitalisation of products and business operations, to using digital technologies to develop new markets and business models.


For more information - Digital Transition Fund

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Supporting businesses to start, scale and innovate

This online guide is part of the Irish Government's Supporting SMEs campaign, to increase awareness of the range of Government supports for start-ups and small businesses.

Answer the seven questions HERE to find out which supports could possibly fit your business. 


The site also contains information on:


Funding and support are critical issues for start-ups and entrepreneurs. The Local Enterprise Offices and Enterprise Ireland in particular provide companies of all sizes with a flexible and proactive support model, responding to their growth and development needs. Find out more HERE about what supports are available for you.


Digital technologies have the power to transform small businesses, opening up new opportunities that were previously only available to businesses of scale. Supports help companies at all stages of their digital journey – from the early days of simply going online, to digitalisation of products and business processes, to facilitating exporting, and to using digital technologies to develop new markets and business models. Click HERE for further information.

Climate and Energy

SMEs are reducing their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for a better future. From the products purchased, to the energy used, there are many ways to make a difference. The Toolkit provides practical, cost-effective actions that every business can take to transform and build resilience. Complete the survey HERE to see what climate supports are available for your business.

Access to Finance

SMEs are supplied with credit through State-backed loan schemes and equity investment schemes. The operations of existing schemes are also reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that appropriate options to finance remain available to SMEs not only during times of economic disruption, but to also address market failures. Click HERE for more information.


The Department is dedicated to expanding the current exporter base and accelerating the market diversification of existing exporters. There are supports in place for first-time exporters and those who want to grow their overseas markets. Click HERE or more information.


There are various programmes available to accelerate the sustainable growth of SMEs to develop enterprises of scale. This includes the development of leadership, management and financial capability, providing pathways to new sources of funding, and assisting enterprises in realising opportunities overseas. Click HERE for more information.

The site also includes the following Business Guides:

Management Skills for SMEs

Find out more HERE about resources for Management Skills, which can give you the tools you need to increase the productivity of your business.

Prompt Payment Code

The Prompt Payment Code is an initiative developed by businesses for businesses. Its aim is to improving cashflow between businesses and moving towards a culture of providing “payment certainty”. Find out more HERE about the Prompt Payment Code and how you can become a signatory.

Sell to Government Guide

The Office of Government Procurement is responsible for sourcing common goods and services for the public sector and plays a key role in helping the State to save money. They work closely with the business community to promote procurement opportunities for SMEs. Find out more HERE about how you can sell to Government.

Better Regulation

Better Regulation is a government approach to improving the quality of the legislative process. The goal is to ensure that policy is evidence-based through stakeholder consultation and impact analysis. It would only be implemented when necessary and with the intended effects. Additionally, existing regulation is examined to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and unnecessary costs.  Find out more HERE

Climate and Energy Resources

Find out more HERE about resources which can help you and your business go green, fight climate change, and save energy.

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