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Recent graduates receiving their certificates at the final programme event

Partas secured funding from the Department of Children Equality, Disability Integration and Youth through the Gender Equality European Social Fund (ESF) PEIL programme, to run a 3 year programme offering training, mentoring and support to budding female entrepreneurs.


The programme, which was under Priority 2 Gender Equality Measure - a) Women returning to the workforce b) Women’s entrepreneurship, was delivered free of charge via Zoom to women who were working in the home, working part time, or not working at all

Throughout the life of the programme

  • 123 women participated 

  • 110 achieved Level 4 QQI awards in Career Planning

  • 79 achieved Level 5 QQI awards in Start Your Own Business

Since completing the programme

  • 37 women have become self-employed 

  • 13 women have returned to employment

  • 11 women have remained employed but with improved status 

  • 3 women have gone on to further education

Above is the statistical evidence but the programme was much more than that to the women who participated. The feedback we received from the participants time and time again was that their confidence, self-awareness, self-belief and self-worth had increased as well as feelings of being supported by the staff and peers. 

WEBNET+ was an initiative of Partas and was co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020.

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