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Mission Statement

Our aim is to build an inclusive and thriving community by being a leading source of excellence in development of local enterprise and of social economy.

With four enterprise centres in the Tallaght area, Partas is at the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit within the community.




To foster and support entrepreneurship within the community through appropriate business training, mentoring and ongoing support.



To create improved opportunities for sustainable employment within all sectors of the local community through lifelong training, re-training, personal and business development programmes.



To effectively manage, develop and maintain enterprise centres for the community, which offer affordable workspace in support of local enterprise and act as focal points for local community development.



To support the innovative development of the social economy through new approaches to analysing, understanding and developing all aspects of the sector at local, national and European levels.



To encourage inclusivity through continual analysis of and proactive responses to the needs of marginalized groups within the community.



To promote the highest standards of service, commitment and professionalism within our own organisation as a means of meeting our mission objectives and of enhancing the personal and career development of all our staff.



To act as a voice and as an agent for change on issues relevant to the above.

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