January 17, 2020           
Priory Brewing


Priory Brewing is the first microbrewery in Tallaght - a surprising fact given the steep rise in the popularity of craft beers all over Ireland in recent years. Beer was last brewed in Tallaght over 250 years ago by the Archbishop of Dublin in Tallaght Castle, which is now the Priory.


We seek to reclaim that heritage and create a craft product that will add to the sense of pride being developed by the evolving artisan food culture in our county. It will also create a product of interest to visitors in our various local establishments and be distributed nationally and by export creating an awareness of Tallaght to a wider audience.


This will seek to be a craft brewery with a definite Tallaght community identification and we will involve the community in a variety of ways from hop-growing to tastings and bottlings. Both the name of the brewery and the various beers that will be produced will also contribute to that sense and pride of place so inherent in the craft beer industry.