January 17, 2020           
Kitchen Time


Commercial kitchen space for food producers is in short supply in the Dublin region. The cost of entry can exceed €200K which makes it difficult to find hourly rented professional kitchen space when starting out. Kitchen Time harnesses underutilised professional kitchen space in the local community, bringing together available kitchen time through our unique digital portal, which means that new and existing food producers gain access to professional, HSE approved, kitchens at a time and place that suits you and at a cost you can afford.


Kitchen Time is an innovative model for kitchen rental, designed to meet your exact needs.  We have 5 licensed, HSE approved, commercial kitchens in the County providing the means to prepare and process your food product for the consumer market. Our goal is to provide you with a service that is economically superior to building or leasing your own commercial facility. Our kitchen spaces are available for rent by the hour and we have a minimum rental requirement of just two hours.


Our hourly rates mean you only pay for what you use, which means that the burden of a long lease is removed from young businesses. You can start with us, grow with us, and when the time is right, move from our kitchen into your own.


In addition to helping new businesses get off the ground, our affordable kitchen space will help established businesses expand. Our customers will use our kitchens for menu planning, training, taste testing, product development, brainstorming, packaging and of course production.


With the development of the Social and Local Enterprise Alliance’s “County Fare” our clients will soon also be afforded the opportunity to showcase and sell their products in the County’s only Artisan Food Court.


For more information or to view one of our commercial kitchens contact: Rene Synnott at 014623222 or by email at rene@socialandlocal.ie