January 17, 2020           
Social+Local Enterprise Alliance


The Social+Local Enterprise Alliance is an initiative to establish a series of local enterprises which will fuel a genuine local economy in an area designated as disadvantaged. Each business is commercial where gaps and opportunities are identified but all profits are re-invested back into Social+ Local to further fuel more local economy. In that respect it can also be seen as a series of social enterprises.


Under Social+Local we established 3 initial local businesses that are up and running and building towards that vision of a new culture of local and social enterprise.


KitchenTime is making hourly commercial kitchen space available to artisan food producers at very affordable prices and in a very innovative way.


The County Fare is providing a food hub to showcase the quality of local food producers and establish a community of local artisans in a high-end food and drink establishment.



And Priory Brewing has given back to Tallaght a sense of local pride by producing top-class craft beer right in the heart of Tallaght.