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Business Support

Existing Enterprise Support

Ongoing enterprise support is provided to clients established in business.

  • General business support
  • Business assessment
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Identifying relevant training opportunities
  • Information on workspace available within Partas enterprise centres

Back to Work Enterprise Allowance

You can avail of the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance if you are:


Setting up as self-employed in a business that has been approved in advance in writing by a Job Facilitator or Partnership Company




Getting a Jobseeker's Allowance for 12 months




Unemployed for 2 years and getting Jobseeker's Benefit. (However, if you have an underlying entitlement to Jobseeker's Allowance and are unemployed for one year you can qualify for the allowance. If you don't have an underlying entitlement to Jobseeker's Allowance, you must have a combination of qualifying social welfare payments for 2 years. Signing on for unemployment credits following your Jobseeker's Benefit will not count towards the qualifying period.)




Getting One-Parent Family Payment, Disability Allowance, Blind Pension, Farm Assist, Incapacity Supplement, Pre-Retirement Allowance, Invalidity Pension, Carer's Allowance, Widow's/Widower's (Non Contributory) Pension, Deserted Wife's Benefit/Allowance or Prisoner's Wife's Allowance for at least 12 months 




Getting Illness Benefit for 3 or more years




Getting Farm Assist for 12 months, providing that the self-employment is now in relation to the holding and not the continuation of an existing operation.



Periods of time spent in FÁS Training, Community Employment, the Community Services Programme, Job Initiative, CERT, Teagasc, FIT and Back to Education Schemes are accepted as periods of unemployment.


Time spent on Supplementary Welfare Allowance or in Direct Provision can count towards the qualifying period for BTWEA provided you are entitled to a qualifying payment before starting on the scheme.


You may also be considered for the BTWEA if you are:

  • A qualified adult of a person eligible to claim the BTWEA. This involves the person who is eligible for the BTWEA transferring his or her entitlements to their spouse or partner. (In other words, the spouse or partner becomes self-employed and the original claimant becomes the qualified adult on the BTWEA). If the original claimant is entitled to credits, he or she can continue to claim them.
  • A person released from prison who satisfies the eligibility criteria for the scheme.
  • If you have previously participated in the BTWEA scheme and exhausted your entitlement, you can participate a second time after a period of at least 5 years has elapsed.

Short-term Enterprise Allowance

The Short-term Enterprise Allowance is a new Back to Work Scheme introduced. There is no qualifying period. You can get immediate access to the allowance but you must meet the qualifying conditions.


To qualify you must have:


An entitlement to Jobseeker's Benefit




Either 104 contributions paid in the past 2 years or qualify for statutory redundancy.


The Short-term Enterprise Allowance will be paid to you for a maximum of 1 year. It will end when your entitlement to Jobseeker's Benefit ends (that is, at either 9 months or 12 months).




For more information or to arrange an appointment with one of our Enterprise Officers please call us on  01 4145700.